Snyder Smart Systems
Snyder Smart Systems consulting firm is no longer consulting.
Bob has retired and enjoys life in Woods Cross, Utah.
As one of his tee-shirts says: "I'm retired - do it yourself" used to reference Snyder Smart for smart computers
Now I suppose it's Snyder's Mart

In my retirement, I have not disappeared, just working on my own projects rather than those for others. So I'll keep an update of my doings here.

I occasionally host a dinner for the the Courthouse Ladies of Wray, Colorado. I tried to do it monthly but that doesn't always happen. You can check out the progress at: The Courthouse Ladies of Wray. (Sadly, as of July 2022, I have moved out of Wray to Woods Cross, Utah. I won't be hosting any more ladies dinners in Wray.) 
(Caution: Pictures of half nude cooks and servers included, so be warned!)

I do enjoy cooking so I have posted a few of my favorite recipes. Some are original, others a modification of interesting found delights. (I almost always seem to make changes, never being satisfied with what is listed.) Others may even be plagiarized. (I try to give credit where I can.) You can check things out on my Frim Fram Sauce page. (What's Frim Fram Sauce? Well check out the list and see if you can find it.)

Check out my other three sites:

Rosary Making    

Rosary Information

That White Chapel   




Last updated: November 13, 2022