Ladies of the Yuma County Courthouse
In Wray, Colorado


Let's see, where do I begin. There's so much to say and to show. I think I'll begin with the sample pictures from the Courthouse Ladies home page.

Ready for work

Here's five of the Ladies as they are at the courthouse - ready for work


On the way

After work four of the Ladies are headed to Bob's house for an evening of feasting, frivolity and dialogue



After dinner and Orchada Coffees, five of the ladies are relaxed and ready to continue the evening
(Did you notice that they all have tattoos? Click the pic for a better look)


Now I can hear you all say "But these are not the real Ladies of the Courthouse" and you know what? You would be right.
But you must remember that because they work at the courthouse - the county seat of Yuma County
I must protect their identities.
People are watching both here and at my home.
Wray is a small town and everybody knows what's going on.



These are highly trained Ladies. They must learn how to shoot, protect themselves from chemical warfare and how to fly.
So don't get on their bad side.
Besides if I told you who they were, they would have to shoot you!



Do remember! All work and no play makes for a dull Lady!
And these ladies are anything but dull.



They are not (all) stiff statues or witches either
(is that me in the middle? - Thank goodness for fig leaves)




And they even take time at work for an occasional coffee break, passing notes and a little exercise


So that's our Yuma County Courthouse Ladies. At least those portions that I can show and tell you about!
All in all they are all Very Nice Ladies, in the truest since of the word!

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Last Updated: October 12, 2020
2020 Bob Snyder